Wednesday, April 23, 2014

These Birds Need A Loving, Permanent Home

  • Cocoa Puff

    This boy has been through a lot in his twenty-some years. His front is mostly naked and he's not very friendly, but Read More
  • Walter

    Walter is a sweet thirty-something Amazon who prefers women to men, but willingly steps up for both. Like most adult Amazons, he Read More
  • Sampson & Dorothy

    Sampson is in his thirties, Dorothy in her sixties and they haven't exactly led easy lives. THey recently found each other and Read More
  • Parakeets

    Two energetic budgies who don't like humans much, but enjoy being out of their cage and hanging out with other birds! They Read More
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AdoptParrots 7 birds off to their new homes tonight! 4 'tiels to the Decker family in Chatham and 3 parakeets to the Tierney family in Springfield, MA!
AdoptParrots Lots of interesting new news coming up. Make sure you check our website and facebook page for all the deets!
AdoptParrots Happy Ending! Four Peach Faced Lovebirds in foster since April 2013 have found a new home with the Bradley family in N.Adams, MA. Yay!
AdoptParrots Adoption Update: Pair of female peach faced lovebirds to a wonderful family in Alcove, NY. NEAR loves a happy ending!
AdoptParrots Hi friends! Jack, a Blue and Gold macaw, has just been added to our available birds page!

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