NEAR does not charge adoption fees. We do accept donations, but a donation is not required. It is important to note however that the adoption process IS NOT "free."

  1. Food -- A fully seed diet is cheap and the birds love it, but seeds alone are not a healthy diet for your bird. In the shelter, we feed primarily Zupreem Natural pellets, along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Pellets are more expensive than seeds, but they should not be prohibitive in cost.
  2. Cage -- The best rule of thumb is to provide the largest cage you can afford. Since the cage is where your bird will likely spend a great deal of time, having one that is large enough to comfortably house the bird, multiple perches and toys, with room to spare is of utmost importance. Cages can range from a hundred to several thousand dollars.
  3. Toys -- Birds are extremely smart and easily bored. They need physical and mental enrichment. Appropriate toys must be purchased and replaced frequently. For some birds the cost can be as much as several hundred dollars per month.
  4. Medical care -- Avian veterinary science has come a long way in the last decade, but it is still considered "specialty care" and can be VERY expensive. Surgeries or extended diagnostic testing can be hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Adopting a bird requires a significant investment of time AND money!


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