NEAR currently has more birds in the shelter than we have ever had at any one time before! While some may opine that we are no longer adopting birds, or that we are somehow "fading out" of the Avian Rescue arena, nothing could be further from the truth. The actual truth of the matter is that we are leveraging Social Media much more aggressively for our adoptions than we have in the past. We have found communications about our available birds on Facebook and Instagram are much more valuable uses of our time than trying to keep up with the static descriptions here on the website. Also, folks on Social Media seem to read and heed our adoption policies much more accurately on Social Media than they do here. As the Internet continues to evolve, the reality really is what it is.

For folks who land on this page, we're going to attempt to keep a more accurate, if high level listing of what is available. Further information can be found on the NEAR Facebook and Instagram pages, or via email if you so choose.

It is really important to note that ALL LARGER BIRDS (including macaws, cockatoos, amazons, African Grays, etc.) require some level of experience, with that level being at NEAR's discretion and based on the behavior of the individual birds. We will not, for instance, adopt a cockatoo to a person with only parakeet or cockatiel experience. We do this for your protection and, of course, for the protection of the birds. In the hands of someone with improper experience, an adoption can (and more than likely will) go South in a hurry, leading to miserable birds and miserable people. While our adoption contract clearly states that we will take an adopted bird back for ANY REASON at ANY TIME, our goal is to have successful adoptions, not a revolving door. Please respect the fact that our ABSOLUTE goal in the shelter is to do what is best for the birds. If we feel you don't have the right level of experience for a particular bird, it's not about making you feel bad, it's about doing the best we can for the animals whose care is entrusted to us.

As of September 1, NEAR has nearly THREE HUNDRED birds in the shelter! More than 2/3 of our current population is parakeets and cockatiels, so it's not as desparate a situation as it would appear. But still, we have an awful lot of parakeets and cockatiels, with more coming in almost on a daily basis. As they are flock birds, we make every effort to either adopt parakeets and cockatiels out in pairs, or as singles to people who already have them.

We currently have approximately eight ring-neck doves. While they're not the "flashy," colorful parrots and are therefore not high on the adoption list, these doves make wonderful companions -- they are very sweet, quiet and love attention. These are perfect birds for older or less experienced adopters!

We also have the following:

Several lovebirds - not hand-tame.
Sun, dusky and blue crown conures.
Several Amazons, cockatoos (Sulfur Crest, Umbrella and Molucan) and macaws.

New birds arrive regularly, sometimes daily.

Again, we can't stress enough how important it is for our potential adopters to have breed-specific experience for the larger birds. If you have a strong, experienced hand though, some of these birds have TREMENDOUS potential.

Even if you don't have the appropriate amount of experience for a particular bird, we will do whatever we can to find a good match. We want to find great homes for our birds!

We would love to meet you and have you come meet our birds.