There's no short answer to this question. Our goal is to find homes for birds, but not every home is the right match for every bird. The adoption process can be highly selective and might seem arbitrary and even unfair at times. Since birds often outlive their owners, the concept of the "forever home" is often a goal unreached. Many of our birds have lived through very difficult times. They are often neglected and sometimes even abused.

While we may miss the mark sometimes, we do strive for permanent placements. For this reason, ensuring our potential adopters have the proper level of experience and are the best fit for each individual bird. It can be a long, frustrating process for some of our more difficult birds, but we are committed to doing our level best for the futures of these animals.

NEAR always reserves the right to refuse an adoption for any reason at any time in the process. While this can be frustrating and disappointing for a potential adopter, we hope everyone understands that our dedication is to the birds, period.