Not as much as people think. The home visit is an integral part of the adoption process, but we are not interested in coming to your home and passing judgment on you or the way you live. We do home visits for a few reasons. First, we want to ensure our birds are not going into homes with obvious dangers -- many times, people don't realize some of the dangers -- which could include the destruction of that valuable antique clock your grandmother gave you which happens to be within reach of the spot you picked to place your new bird's cage. We certainly don't want any of our birds going into a home where there is hoarding or, worse, breeding going on. A person's disregard for their own personal safety and well being is probably not a good fit for one of our birds. Yes, this is blunt and tough, but it is what it is. Finally, we have found that people often have many questions about their cage set up and ways to improve on location, layout, etc. The home visit is the perfect time to answer these questions and provide specific advice that's tough to think of while you're standing in our shelter.

Beyond that however, we don't care so much how you live or what your decorating taste might be... we just want to be sure the bird will be safe in your home. The home visit usually takes only a few minutes. We answer your questions, have you read and sign our adoption application and then we are on our way!