Fred - Goffins Cockatoo
Adopt Fred - A Goffins Cockatoo


Fred is a female Goffins Cockatoo. Fred was adopted a few years ago but returned because the family had a baby and the noise became an issue. She has laid eggs in the past. We are unsure of her exact age but believe she is on the older side (probably 30+ years).

Fred prefers men but will still greet women with “Hi Fred!” or “Hi Baby!” She loves to be out of her cage and hanging out on your shoulder, or swinging off of your hand. She is a typical goofy goffins! 

Not suitable for a home with small children or someone who lives in an apartment, townhome or condo due to noise.  A potential adopter will need to have several years of cockatoo experience.


3+ Years Cockatoo experience required. 


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