Gabby & Lindsey - Greenwing Macaws
Adopt Gabby & Lindsey - Greenwing Macaws!


Lindsey and Tabby are 30 year old male Green Wing Macaws. They have been in 3 homes before coming to the rescue.  They were surrendered due to noise.  They are a bonded pair of clutch mates and MUST be adopted and remain together. They are sweet birds and will step up for pretty much anyone, but they can be food-aggressive sometimes. They love to shred any and every toy they have access to!  Although they are a bonded pair, Tabby and Lindsey will require large separate cages as they tend to squabble if they are together directly all the time.  Both are slightly hand-shy and will need some work, but this is an easily-overcome issue.



3+ Years Macaw Experience required.  Experience with bonded pairs of large birds also highly recommended.



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