Please Note

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with Northeast Avian Rescue (NEAR)!

NEAR is seeking volunteers with the following qualities;

  • Quick learner
  • Independent worker
  • Detail Oriented
  • Professional
  • Passionate about animals

We ask candidates to make a minimum three month commitment to the volunteer opportunity.  While we can be very flexible with the number of hours volunteered, our goal is to train volunteers who are willing to stick around for more than one or two sessions.

Training will be provided by a senior volunteer and will consist of one or two training sessions, depending on the candidate's abilities.  Once training is completed, there will be a probationary period based on the person’s schedule.  After completion of this probationary period, the volunteer will be evaluated for continuation.


Also note

  • Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems so we ask volunteers not to smoke or vape directly prior to a volunteer session and to avoid perfumes or other strong scents when working with or near the birds.
  • Try not to wear clothes that you care about.  Parrots have a tendency to grab fabric (and buttons!), and they can quickly ruin clothing.
  • Avoid wearing earrings or other jewelry.
  • Although we will take every precaution to avoid incidents, there is always the possibility you could be bitten. 
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